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Selling The Fair Tax To The People


As Neal Boortz has said on multiple occasions, the Fair Tax – of which he is a dauntless Champion – is unfortunately very easy to demagogue.

But, perhaps that’s the case only if we restrict the discussion to technicalities, when it becomes like trying to sell yourself by talking about your bones and tissues, and not about what you can actually bring to the table with the package of bones, tissue, brain and spirit that comprises your being.

So, taking a page from that Master of Propaganda Al Gore, I offer the following as an alternative approach (which is demagoguery jiu-jitsu) to Selling the Fair Tax to The People.

1. Don’t limit its characterization as the “fair tax.” That sounds too Republican. Instead, emulate “the Art of War” and co-opt the Democrats’ hallowed centerpiece and simultaneously expand the Fair Tax’s breadth and call it the New New Deal.” And, get those Republicans on board who are willing to give up some of their power to selectively tax when they regain control of the government. As it is, they have no current power whatsoever so this should be an easy sacrifice, especially because without this, they may very well never see power again.

2. The New New Deal will help the poor more than ever, and really sock it to those rich Wall Street Speculators who gambled – poorly – with our money who got us into this mess in the first place, who first George Bush and now President Obama (and his fellow Noble Democrats) are bailing out with our children’s money. The New New Deal will also, justly, punish the House and Senate Democrat Nobility who also enabled this mortgage crises to occur such as Baron of Bank Barney and Duke Dodd of Deadbeat, via their cover-up of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their mortgage time-bomb called the Community Reinvestment Act.

3. The New New Deal will give to the truly poor each and every year for the rest of their lives, up to $25,000. This is in addition to whatever social security, welfare, child support, etc. payments they may currently be receiving from the government. (This is, of course, simply the “prebate” characterized differently and rounded up a bit – both of which may be well worth it from a sales standpoint).

4. There are lots and lots of people who are far, far richer than we will ever be, due primarily to inheritance or marriage, who have huge amounts of power as well as massive wealth sufficient to make Croesus green (with envy, not environmentalism). These people pay very few taxes now, because they are so rich they don’t have to lift a finger and work like the rest of us. Because they are so ultra-rich they don’t have to work, they have no big income (which is what the IRS taxes now), but they do have massive wealth (which the IRS currently doesn’t touch).


5. Under our current taxes, these ultra-rich get off virtually scott-free and the truly poor get a pittance. The New New deal will finally soak these mega-rich for their fair share at last.

6. Who are these ultra mega-rich who currently pay so few taxes? Well, here are a few:

Name Approx. Net Worth (est) Approx. Annual Tax as a % of Net Worth (est)
George C. Soros* $100 Gazillion .1%
John Kerry 20 Gazillion .2%
Ted Kennedy 20 Gazillion .2%
Jane Harman 15 Gazillion .3%
Nancy Pilosi 8 Gazillion .4%
Diane Feinstein 5 Gazillion .5%


*The “C” stands for either Crassus or Croesus – either one works well.

These ultra mega-rich really like our current tax structure because it lets them get away with paying almost nothing as a percentage of their wealth. Even better, our current stupid and unfair tax structure which they’ve crafted so carefully lets these ultra mega-rich Democrat Nobility wield power even more massive than their wealth, if that’s possible, since they get to determine who to tax at levels more like 30%, 40% or, under their current plans, maybe over 50%!

And, as a living symbol of the fairness of our current system, one can cite the fact that a tax cheat actually heads up the IRS under President Obama’s administration. Now, that certainly speaks loudly as to where hard-working honest Americans stand today, when a tax cheat administers the tax rules for the rest of us.

What a raw, raw deal!!!

7. In total contrast, the New New Deal will finally hit the mega ultra-rich where it hurts them, because under our plan they’ll have to pay through the nose — finally — when they buy their many mansions, condos in Hawaii, limos, private jets, yachts, etc.

No more free ride for the non-working mega-rich!!

The Republicans are perceived as the party of the rich, and that surely was the case about 100 years ago when JP Morgan and the other robber barons voted Republican. But over the ensuing century the Democrats have become bifurcated into the party of the non-working mega ultra-rich – the Democrat Nobility, in other words — who skillfully pose and posture as being for the poor (the other end of this Democrat bifurcation) by forcing the rest of we Americans who actually work for a living to pay the tax freight for both the mega-rich Nobility as well as the poor.

If you look at who’s mega-rich in congress and government, you’ll find that almost all are Democrats, most pay tiny taxes as a percentage of their massive net worth and most didn’t earn the fortune that makes them so wealthy and powerful themselves.

They married their money like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Diane Feinstein or Ms. Harman, or inherited it from their father like Ted Kennedy (whose father was, admittedly, one of the few who got ultra-rich by bootlegging, which of course was Prohibition’s version of a drug lord nowadays).

In direct contrast most wealthy Republicans in congress (a) are much, much less wealthy and (b) earned their money themselves.

8. The House and Senate Noble Democrats, and even High Lord OhMyGod! Obama himself, will doubtless decry and moan against the New New Deal, because it taxes them (and all the other non-working ultra-rich too) far, far more than ever before. Even worse (from their perspective) they’ll hate this plan because it takes away their power to selectively tax we the hard-working Americans instead, at a far, far higher percentage of our net worth than they have to pay on theirs.

The Democrat Nobility will therefore do everything they can to stop this. They like having their governmental IRS boot on our necks, and will do everything they can to keep us from removing it, which the New New Deal will do. (And remember that the IRS — which with greater accuracy should be called “the Gentle Gestapo” because although they can’t use physical torture, just like the original they are legally exempt from due process – continuously waxes in their confiscatory suction power over hard-working Americans’ wallets each year due to inflation, under our current absurd tax system).

9. For example, they’ll say everything will go way, way up in price under the New New Deal.

In part, they are 100% correct in that everything will get lots, lots more expensive. It’s guaranteed, in fact, regardless of whether we go with the New New Deal or stick with the marvelous system we have. (The system we have, that is, which manages to be more difficult and complex than Rubic’s Cube but still manages to be totally stupid in letting the richest of the rich escape virtually scott free, along with drug dealers, tax cheats, criminals, etc). That’s because of the hyper-inflation on its way, thanks to President Obama’s and the other Noble Democrats’ massive bail outs and other out-of-control spending of our hard-earned money. And now, our children’s and grandchildren’s money too. They have just in the past month or two effectively printed more money from nothing than you could in a lifetime of perfect counterfeiting in your basement, times several billion.

Their enthusiasm for spending tomorrow’s unborn’s money today, is matched only by their enthusiasm for abortion. (Neal, I know you won’t like this line too much, but it does have resonance). It’s interesting, in other words, that the same people who are most enthusiastic about spending our children’s and grandchildren’s money on ourselves today, are the same people who support unlimited abortion rights regardless of the fetus’ age, mother’s age, absence of parental consent, etc. These same people on the hard left are equally unconcerned about their financial destruction of tomorrow’s children yet to be conceived as they are about the physical destruction of those about to be born. 

So yes, they’re right, everything will get much more expensive, but it won’t be because of the New New Deal. President Obama and the ultra mega-rich Democrats who control the House and Senate have taken care of that already.

10. The New New Deal, according to all the economists and experts who have studied it, will not make things more expensive in the final analysis. In fact it will probably make everything less expensive because the increase in productivity which the New New Deal will create is the only thing that has a chance of staving off the mega-inflation which the Noble Democrats’ Trillions of dollars in Bail-Out Spending will shortly start. Dick Morris predicts this, and if (as I believe) he’s right, then we’ll have strangulation instead of triangulation.

11. But in case we’re wrong and prices actually do go up in the long run due to the New New Deal, we’re plugging that possible loop-hole in advance by sending the truly poor up to $25,000 per year for the rest of their lives (at least, for long as they remain truly poor), just in case.

12. How will all this magic work?

Simple. Government will get even more money than it does today because it will tax the mega ultra-rich much, much more than now since their tax will be built into the price of their mansions, private jets, limos, condos on the beach, jewelry, designer clothes, etc. (We’ll have to pay some more sales tax too, in lieu of all other taxes, but our purchases and therefore the replacement taxes that will be attached to them are a lot smaller than the incredible purchases of the non-working Democrat mega ultra-rich Nobility, who will finally start paying their fair share).

Vitally, there will also be much more productivity under the New New Deal and therefore there will also be more jobs and more money flowing into Washington as a result of this vast productivity increase. The only thing that will diminish in Washington is their power to selectively confiscate the fruits of hard-working Americans’ labor.

13. The government will also get more money because in addition to taxing the mega-rich when they buy all their numerous and opulent luxuries, it will also tax all the criminals, crime lords, drug dealers, tax cheats, etc who currently get a free ride.

14. Illegal aliens (who currently get a free ride while they overcrowd our schools, emergency rooms and courts) will finally have to pay something a bit closer to their fair share too. So we’ll likely wind up with less of them, another clear advantage to the New New Deal.

15. Best of all, we the hard-working Americans who pay most of the taxes nowadays and who also provide most of the jobs (especially if you don’t count government jobs) will get to keep 100% of what we earn. This will give all hard working Americans more money to spend and more job openings at last for everyone.

16. Under the New New Deal we will change the name of the IRS from the Internal Revenue Service to the Internal Rebate Service, except it won’t technically be a rebate, since the truly poor will get their rebate in advance – if you’re truly poor, your $25,000 per year maximum pre-bate will come before you buy not after you buy. And if you remain truly poor for the rest of your life, you’ll get up to $25,000 per year for the rest of your life.

17. The operation of the IRS will be somewhat similar to now, but in reverse. Instead of practicing their expertise in financial proctology on hard working Americans, the IRS will spend their time finding truly poor Americans in order to give them up to $25,000 per year for the rest of their lives. Importantly, the IRS will have to identify tomorrow’s tax cheats who only pose as poor, because otherwise they’ll have nothing whatsoever to do. There will be no more tax forms to fill out if you work and contribute to the common good. Rather, the only people who will need to worry about IRS forms will be those who the IRS pays (and which is funded by hard-working tax-paying Americans). Under the New New Deal, much more of this burden will fall on the ultra-mega rich (and criminals, drug dealers, illegal aliens, etc) who currently pay comparatively little.

18. We the Reagan Republicans guarantee that after a few years of the New New Deal the Dow will be back up to where it was before, and more, so our 401(k)s will no longer resemble an Ethiopian Refugee. We the Reagan Republicans also guarantee that under the New New Deal all Americans willing and able to work will not only get their jobs back, or get new, better ones, we’ll all get to keep 100% of our hard-earned money. Everybody’s pay will probably go way up also, due to the economic boom which the experts say will occur as a direct result of this plan.

19. So, if you’re a hard-working American who would like to keep your job and keep all your income from it, vote Reagan Republican. If you’re a truly poor American who cannot work due to disability or an absence of any skills whatsoever, vote Reagan Republican too because not only will you continue to get what you are receiving from the government already, you’ll also get up to an extra $25,000 per year for the rest of your lives.

20. If on the other hand you are a drug dealer, illegal alien or crime lord, or are one of the ultra mega-rich Democrat Nobility like those noted in #6 above who inherited or married their money and as such pay relatively very little tax as things stand now, then you’d probably be better off continuing to vote Democrat, since they are the ones who do not really want concrete, positive change like this.

They’ll fight this New New Deal tooth and claw because — exactly like all Nobility throughout history — they love their power and enormous but lightly taxed wealth too much to lose either, regardless of what’s actually best for all other Americans. (Technical correction for lovers of intellectual honesty: George Soros didn’t inherit or marry his money, rather, he earned it legally by effectively extracting it from other nations when he cleverly bet against their currency and won; if the American government paid any aid to those other countries, then we the hard-working tax-paying Americans effectively gave Soros his billions, albeit indirectly).

21. Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous will also likely vote to maintain the status quo, if for no other reason than his name is just so absolutely perfect for his job. But, his name works even better to illuminate and underscore the Noble Washington Democrats’ current relationship to Hard-Working Tax-Paying Americans.

March, 2009

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