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Due to a Darwinian adaptation to cope with a strong sun (perhaps from too much Aztec blood) these true King Lions were treated by hard flinty white eyes (and lots of others’ eyes too) like we treat chimpanzees today.

And these people were so awesomely frighteningly powerful, that  boxing — which should be super Lion King territory to which brain damage is a sad consequence of Kinglyness like the bull moose, elk, buffalo, the stag beetle, etc — was poisoned by rank moral cowardice due to the color line. (The “color line” was used an excuse by John L. Sullivan and other top white boxers in America circa late 1800’s and early 1900’s to avoid having to face powerful black opponents like Jack Johnson and others. It was crossed briefly when then heavy-weight champion Tommy Burns [aka Noah Brusso from Canada] finally agreed to face Jack Johnson in Australia, and was soundly destroyed to such an extent the police broke up the fight. The color line didn’t really disappear until Joe Louis captured all Americans’ hearts, and thereby probably made the first, and arguably the greatest, single positive contribution to race-relations in America).

In an extremely interesting recent development in archeological science, it now seems likely that the Great Sphinx was actually first created by the people currently inhabiting sub Saharan Africa, around 10,000 years ago. The science of water erosion pattern coupled with the mathematical configuration of the Sphinx’ facial characteristics make this an extremely persuasive theory. We have no idea how the 200 ton stone blocks around the Sphinx were moved there.

Arturo* chose not to pursue an engineering career because he’s truly a creative genius in creating King Lions himself, with the technical brilliance of a Carthaginian crafty crafter but mixed most interestingly with a Great She’s heart. He is so powerful in body it is almost as awesome as his love for his pride of future King Lion cubs.

*Arturo Holmes is professor emeritus of wrestling and masculinity at TWC (The Wrestling Center – He has crafted more mighty men from boys than anyone I know. At TWC he and his protege Joe Guiler turn raw male protoplasm into fine championship steel.

(“Great She” is an abbreviation for what Shaka called Nandi: the “Great She Elephant.” Elephant society is basically matriarchal, in that adult males live mostly separate and solitary lives, whereas the females and young live together, led by a matriarchal female wise in the ways of the world and the needs of her group. The mythic equivalent for males – “King Lions” – refers to the male human partners of the Great She’s whose protection, work and guidance is also critical to the family’s success, as well as the success of the society as a whole.)


Prior to the Crusades Jews were recruited by towns throughout Europe like professional athletes are today. They were (and still are) so amazingly proficient at so many things, King Lions and Great Shes that love and fight so well with their brains. They created business activity to the vast vast betterment of all. And they still do today. If Hitler had not spurned nuclear physics as “Jewish Science” he probably would have won the war.  But that was impossible for the Nazis since it would have undermined their twisted belief system.

But the Crusades came and it was a lot easier to get a box seat in heaven by destroying vile heretics at home instead of having to go all the way to the holy land. So things changed a whole lot, such that Auschwitz fire pits were but in a long tradition. And of course the Plague had a big part too, since it could only have come from these so incredibly capable people who happened to have been caught up in a cross historical and spiritual event, not that that had the slightly slightest thing to do with the Jews at hand at the moment. And Hitler, beaten hideously as a child, like Stalin and Shaka (in this latter case by peers physically and by heart by his royally absent father) just had to have someone to blame for Germany’s unimaginable WW1 defeat because previously these Teutonic King Lions had been undefeated.


These are a great people in so many respects. They practically invented medicine, and they had the equal wisdom to trade with the Indians, creative geniuses themselves in metallurgy and math and so came up with absolute 0* and the alloy with which the Muslims so craftily crafted into legendary Damascus Steele.

* The Mayans also developed the mathematical concept of zero, in addition to the Indians. Unlike the 10-based system of the Indians, the Mayans used a 20-based system. Critically, however, both the Mayans’ and the Indians’ uniquely sophisticated mathematical systems depended on conceptualizing a value of “zero” as the critical arithmetic cornerstone.

The movie the 300 is historical pornography because it shows Xerxes and his court as depraved and inhumanly configured. But he too was a matchless Lion King himself because he actually had to kill a lion all by himself in a dark room armed only with a spear.

From their perspective we are the ones who spit on the Great She, not them. And they despise us even more because we emasculate our own Lion Kings ourselves, kind of like that cult out west who were such weird astronomers, much weirder actually than the Aztecs.

They despise us so much because from the view of their eyes we are so awesomely but unfairly and superficially strong but linked with moral weakness that debases its Great Shes and castrates its Lion Kings. For they are true Lion Kings themselves as individuals and that’s why they are among the best wrestlers and weight lifters.


The Chinese call their country the “Middle Kingdom” and Beijing the “Navel of the World” because from their perspective, their society is the center of all Mankind, at least metaphorically if not literally. And because their country is, for all practical purposes the oldest and most stable society on the globe, dating back not mere hundreds of years but thousands, they would seem to have a good argument for this perspective.

They have made as many critical technical innovations to Man’s advancement as any other civilization, with the printing press, gun-powder, rockets, etc. The Great Wall is the only construction of Man that can be seen from space. These contributions to Man’s development rival the Greeks’ enormous political and intellectual contributions (not to mentions the Greeks’ inventing the Western way of War), the Muslims’ medical discoveries, the Indians’ mathematics with the “magic” of zero and the Europeans’ Enlightenment with the ideas of Adam Smith and John Locke.

After centuries of development being constricted by an insular culture and stifling government control (and Marxist constraint in the case of the Chinese), in the upcoming centuries we will likely see the recent growth trend of these ancient societies increase. Their economic engines are running louder and louder, becoming the manufacturer for the world.


Whites had the enormous advantage of early man’s industrial machines, oxen, horses, pigs, etc. The Africans had zebras which can’t be tamed, the Incas had but llamas, but as Jared Diamond deduced this plus grain distribution is key.

(Jared Diamond is a renowned sociologist who advanced the idea that in contrast to all peoples in the New World, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and New Guinea, Polynesia, etc. the old-world peoples in North Africa, Europe and Asia had a huge advantage in having all man’s major domesticated large animals living in close and easy proximity: cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs. He argues that this was the equivalent of early civilized man’s heavy equipment, which enabled the specialization of skills and further development that this part of the world enjoyed to a vastly greater extent than the peoples in other parts of the world. He argues that this huge advantage, coupled with the east-west layout of the Eurasian land mass and the way that facilitates grain distribution, in contrast to the north-south configuration of the New World and sub-Saharan Africa, is what explains the different levels of technical sophistication among these various peoples).

Starting with the Greeks and then Alexander and Rome, whites were creative geniuses in the art of war. The close-combat organized unit phalanx formation was matchless, it was so brutally efficient at its purpose that they conquered everybody they faced. The Romans followed with such technically superior military and executive engineering skills so vast they were like gods themselves in their own eyes, and the reason they were so successful is linked directly, sadly, to the Coliseum since that was an Aztec-like celebration of their own greatness, but instead of feeding the sun it was to magnify themselves. It was possibly one of the reasons for Rome’s eventual decline because the circuses were too expensive in the final analysis, they reached the point that the empire could afford them no longer. So, they could no longer celebrate their greatness in this bloody but integral way. I’m pretty sure they finally fell when their belief system collapsed due to its ungodly expense.

This tradition of exceptional martial greatness brought about by the animals and grains carried on with all the rest, British, Germans, Swiss, etc. In their own times they were each Lion Kings themselves.  The smallpox from the animals helped a lot too. Western thought, democracy and respect for the sanctity of the individual have greatly assisted as well, probably even more so.

The New Crafty Carthaginians

This amazingly great people of USA became so great because they embraced with both arms freedom, capitalism and small government. This let the individual Lion Kings and Great Shes pick their own poison all the time about everything and always voting with the feet to boot.  And they opened their arms to controlled levels of immigration to let other peoples’ King Lions and Great Shes come here too, to our great benefit.

Never before in the history of man has a society so effectively maximized its citizens’ standard of living. This is precisely because it has been constructed – at least in the past – so as to likewise maximize the ability of most of its citizens to better themselves via their own efforts, free from governmental constraint or outright taking. However, the seminal ideas of Adam Smith and John Locke that originally informed our country at its birth have gradually been morphed by Marx and a collective confusion between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome.

This decline in the admirable belief system which informed out society at its birth has sadly been coupled with an effective enslavement of its most economically productive citizens, of up to half or more their labors. George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers would scarcely recognize the America of today, where our own government’s Leviathan has grown to dwarf the repressiveness of the British Crown they rebelled against.

As noted before, something is making us in the west engineer our own mathematical, albeit gradual, decline via an unsustainably low birth rate 30% below what’s needed. If we keep it up we will be intellectually dissected by future historians as a temporary blend of ancient Rome and Carthage, brought sadly to its premature demise by its own peculiar form of moral and biological decline.


If anyone has been left out, and sadly some have been such as the awesome American Indians with their champion decathlete Lions Kings themselves linked so sadly to alcohol and smallpox sensitivity; or the mystic Aborigines, on whom the early Australian settlers placed a “pelt bounty;” or the Jaguar warrior Aztecs or the militaristic, mountain-dwelling and socialistic Incas of Machu Pichu and Cuzco; or the Pacific sea-faring Polynesians, the author deeply apologizes and intends no offence whatsoever, for while he may be heretically politically incorrect, that’s how he really feels.

Social Justice

So so sadly Social Justice, even if craftily crafted to perfectly Procrustean perfection, would not be justice at all. That is because there is no justice in Nature, which we are a part of just like everything else. We are not actually linked to the gods, and we most certainly are not gods ourselves, unless you want to count the one who dwells with Yellowstone. For there is no justice in Nature: people born with tyrannosaur arms or toad faces. Or kids with cancer. Or countless other horribly unimaginable horrors.

Here’s an example of man-made “social justice.”  In Knoxville a year or two ago a young white couple was car-jacked and kidnapped. Several African-American males (and at least one female) castrated and sodomized the young man and cut off one or both the young woman’s breasts and raped her too. (I don’t know if the sodomizing and raping was done before or after the removal of the organs in question, for both the unfortunate young man and woman, and for the young man I don’t know if the castration was limited to the testicles, or not). When the African-American assailants were through, the poor young man was shot and the poor young woman was stuffed in a trash can to suffocate. The District Attorney said “…..he saw no evidence of a hate crime.”  If this isn’t, then what in the world is? This story was not widely broadcast at all, but the cowardly press would have had a field day if the colors of the participants had been switched.

The point is, justice must be defined from an individual level, it just doesn’t work on a group level which defines right and wrong according to some Procrustean principles that occlude individual equity.

Nature’s Justice

Here’s a good example of what nature’s (not man’s) problematic justice can produce:

A true Job, Buddy Primm was afflicted with polio due to vaccination, he was so deeply and so unfairly stricken indeed. But he overcame this somehow, it gave him a matchless insight into how the muscles actually work best when linked to the heart, and he used his horror to strengthen himself and then many many others, thereby getting him a box seat in heaven next to Arturo, if heaven exists. But if it does not it matters little since Buddy and Arturo sit together in heaven already, but of their own creation. They are joined by Arturo’s white brother (and metaphorical son) Joey, and so many heroic others too.

You see, the big difference between man’s horrors and nature’s is that some (actually lots and lots) of good can and does come from Nature’s, but the horrors caused by man when he links or likens himself to the gods generate only hell on earth, and the author knows not if the original actually exists but the man-made versions keep coming forth with multiple iterations. Hopefully the New Crafty Carthaginians will change their ways before it’s too late. For although we cannot hope to match nature’s manifest powers, at least Nature’s horrors leave Man with Lion King Balls and Great She Hearts intact, albeit horribly hurt. And if we learn to love and respect all life and freedom, it so greatly eases the pain.


June 2008


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