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Tryanny of the Majority #1 — America’s Kulaks



Henri de Tocqueville was one of France’s greatest political thinkers, and since he lived during the early 1800’s he saw the creation of our new country unfold in front of his eyes. A product of the enlightenment, he believed strongly in individual Freedom and Liberty. As such he was an enthusiastic supporter of the “American Experiment.”

But, he prophetically observed that this great experiment would fail when the electorate eventually realized that they could use the power of the ballot to vote themselves other peoples’ money.

This essay will argue that this is where we have arrived, sadly.


One of the loudest clarion calls underlying the founding of our great nation was “no taxation without representation.” At the risk of over-simplification, the British government included no representatives of the colonists, yet that government felt free to tax the colonists nonetheless (albeit at modest levels compared with today’s standards. The British could have learned a thing or three from OhMyGod! Obama and his fellow Noble Democrat allies, for under them our federal government’s confiscatory activities today make the British of centuries ago seem like rank amateurs). The colonists resented the absence of any ability to address their taxation through the mechanism of British government, for they had no representatives speaking for them, for all practical purposes.

So, they revolted. “They” means our Founding Fathers, but it most certainly does not mean all the colonists. There were many colonists who were for the British and did not want the Revolution to succeed. But it did succeed, and some would argue that this success – surely against the odds as well as being supported by only a portion of the colonists – came about because “righteousness was on their side.” That is, their motive was Freedom, not state control, and some would argue that even during the depths of Valley Forge their victory could have been predicted because their cause was so compelling and so inherently just.

America’s Tax Demographics Today

Nowadays in America (a) 43% of income tax filers pay no tax or even get a “negative tax” (which is an Orwellian Synonym for government support) and (b) roughly 20% to 25% or less of the population pays 95% or more of the taxes, according to the IRS’ own statistics.

This is tantamount to “taxation without representation” because this 20% – 25% minority which pays for virtually everything cannot hope to outvote the 75% to 80% or more who pay relatively little or nothing, or are net recipients. This is perilously
close to (or already beyond) an actual, mathematically assured tyranny of the majority exactly as de Tocqueville predicted where, directly or indirectly, we have most of the citizens effectively voting themselves a minority’s money. This majority either receives money directly in the form of government payments, or indirectly in the form of government services (such as health care) which they perceive as free and even as an entitlement.

But, a glance at these overall tax demographics reveals what a mockery the idea of “equal protection under the law” has actually become in America. We are most definitely not equally protected from our own government.

Unfortunately this is exactly as de Tocqueville predicted.

America’s Voting Demographics Today

So, we have a substantial number of voting citizens today effectively voting themselves other peoples’ money, with the Democrats providing the means, force and strategy for this result.

Now, there certainly are plenty of people paying 50% or more income tax who vote Democrat. Likewise there are plenty of people who pay no tax or “negative tax” who vote Republican. But in general, from a broad demographic perspective, the majority of our population which pays no tax or a “negative tax” vote Democrat and the majority of those in the 20% or 25% (or less) minority which pay 95% (or more) of all our taxes vote Republican.

Since there are more voters in the former group than the latter, we have a virtual Tyranny of the Majority which, aided and abetted by the Democrat Nobility, votes to 50% (or more) Bracket Enslave the minority of its fellow citizens who are the most driven, ambitious and successful. This “soak the rich” strategy of Washington’s Noble Democrats deprives the 50% (or more) Bracket Slave minority of its rights, and is effectively a “kinder, gentler, partial” version of the complete deprivation of rights of another minority over 150 years ago.

America at First

For most of this country’s history, we had a far, far smaller government than now, and our nation operated within the constraints of the limited government established by the Founding Fathers. We had few taxes, and because government was small the vast majority of our citizens produced and stood on their own two feet. They had to. There was no Nanny State to perpetually coddle them and look out for their health care and other needs. As a result, our country grew in wealth and power at a phenomenal rate, and in a few centuries outpaced the world’s older societies which provided its citizens less freedom to achieve. The opportunities afforded by our limited government and the resultant need for individual responsibility attracted the world’s most ambitious individuals as well, those willing to risk a huge change and migrate here legally. Our system attracted the world’s best, like a siphon for talent.

So, for most of its history our country both produced, and attracted, strong, ambitious individuals who were major net producers. As such our country grew in wealth and power, to eventually become the most powerful nation on earth (notwithstanding many Democrats’ discomfort with this fact).


Granted, all was not perfect, since our early nation was characterized by Slavery (consistent with much of the rest of the world at that time) in some of the States. Slavery in any form, whereby one’s labors are owned by another individual or by the State, is unjust. The ideals of Freedom espoused by our founding fathers – and the limited government they so expertly crafted – initially discouraged enslavement to the State, but it took several decades and the First American Civil War to eliminate the slavery to individuals which did, unfortunately, exist during our nation’s early years.

So, the Civil War unfolded, and hundreds of thousands of northerners — mostly with white skin — suffered horrible wounds, death or disfigurement so other men with black skin could be free.

Now, however, instead of 100% slavery to individuals with the enslavement defined by race, we have today 50% (or more) slavery to The State, with that enslavement defined by income. In effect, today’s Democrat Nobility (a) buys the votes of the majority with the 50% (or more) Bracket Slaves’ money, which (b) helps perpetuate those Democrats’ power and their ability to tighten the Bracket Slavery shackles to higher percentages still.


During Stalin’s early years in charge of the Soviet Union, one of his prime ideological challenges was the collectivization of farms. Lenin had clearly begun the process of collectivizing industry and urban economic life, but most of the Soviet Union’s economy in the early 1900’s was agrarian, and most of its people lived on farms.

So, collectivizing the Soviet farms was the “big one” for Stalin and his fellow Bolsheviks (much like nationalizing health care is the “big one” for OhMyGod! Obama and his fellow Democrat Nobility).

The Kulaks however stood in Stalin’s way. These were the most successful farmers who produced the most food and had the largest farm-houses (excluding of course the Commissars’ sumptuous Dachas). They didn’t want to collectivize, since their farms were their businesses and they were skilled and successful at what they did.

Stalin first demonized the Kulaks, accusing them of counter-revolutionary greed and selfishness. Then he increased popular support for collectivization by promising the majority (who were landless peasants or less effective farmers) that with his plan, they’d get the Kulaks’ land (and hence, by implication, their wealth). Third, he had the Kulaks rounded up and shipped to Siberia.

Many died as a result, both Kulaks and other soviet citizens (at least, those outside government). Many Kulaks died since Siberia is not conducive to life and health, generally. Many other soviet citizens died from malnutrition and starvation, since food production greatly declined along with the abrupt decline of the Kulaks. This was because (a) the Kulaks, who had been the most effective food producers, were now gone and (b) because the Soviets’ collective farms, which eliminated the vital connection between the amount of food an individual produced and the reward for that effort, were somehow never able to match the food production of the previous system, in which that connection was paramount. As BF Skinner could have easily predicted, food production in the Soviet Union was never adequate under the collectivized farms, despite the Soviets’ many agricultural stimulus efforts (which were a permanent component of their famous “five year plans.”)

In promising the peasants that they’d get the Kulaks’ land, Stalin wound up making the peasants slaves to the Soviet State where their lives toiling for no individual reward on the Collective Farms were little different from the New World’s African slaves toiling in the cotton and sugar-can fields. Both groups (a) had no freedom, (b) lived in squalor and most important (c) had no Skinnerian linkage between their quality of life and their (forced) labor, no freedom to achieve and improve their lives. Indeed, the only thing that Stalin’s farm collectivization produced was more power for Moscow, and more misery for the Soviet Union as a whole.

Today’s Kulaks

Today’s Kulaks no longer live in Russia, the Ukraine or Belorussia. Rather, they live in America and earn at least $250,000 per year. They are the “evil rich” who like Stalin’s originals are similarly demonized by Washington’s Democrat Commissars. Today’s American Kulaks are said to be “more fortunate” than their fellow citizens, as if their success came about by chance instead of greater drive and talent. (Their greatest “good fortune” in most cases was simply not to have been condemned by those same anti-voucher Democrat Commissars to inner-city public school, much like OhMyGod! Obama was so spared himself).

According to Baronet Biden the Blowhard (Gargoyle of Gaff), today’s American Kulaks are selfish and unpatriotic if they refrain from embracing their enslavement, even though with few exceptions they are taxed at a much, much higher percentage of their net worth than the Noble Democrat Commissars who demonize them. According to Acorn, America’s Kulaks deserve whatever they get, by virtue of their “unfairly” being so much more successful than most Democrat voters. Acorn’s control over the upcoming census should help fix that just like Stalin’s original Kulaks got theirs many decades ago, in what once seemed like another part of the world.

Thank God we don’t have Siberia here.

July 2009

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