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The Critics Rave




“Finished your book on the up and back to NYC yesterday and today. One word…brilliant.

I have not enjoyed a piece of literature as much as this in quite a while. Loved the pieces on global warming (cooling), T-Rex, the spider/wasp and the perfect fems/hyenas. Great prose, flowed well, witty, and entertaining. The book will be a great buy, though probably through clenched teeth from Al Gore supporters.

Well done and congratulations.”

S. Olsen

“What’s a Wyvern?”

N. Pelosi

“Thanks for sending me the “final” version. It is amazing — thought provoking and so well written. I began reading it last night and particularly enjoyed the piece on global warming.


R. Berry

“This is an outstanding example of the information pollution on the internet of which I have spoken the True Word.”

B. Obama

“Grab your dictionary and hold on tight. HPH offers readers a twisted and unfiltered ride into the mind of its brilliant author. “Damocles” writes in a style that is 1/3 Fox News Channel + 1/3 “The Onion” + 1/3 Encyclopedia Britannica, with a dash of Ted Kaczynski. Very entertaining, if you can handle.”

J. Dinunzio

“These peculiar written emissions require a ‘willing suspension of disbelief.’ It’s too bad this damn guy isn’t a wildebeest.”

H. Clinton

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your manuscript. This is an amazing tour de force, involving literary, historical, political, and scientific thought, which was astounding in its scope and commentary on our present times. You obviously have given all of this a great deal of thought and your scientific, historic and literary analogies to the present state of mankind are indeed thought provoking. A magnum opus and major achievement.”

J. Frenzel

“As a woman, I was offended.”

anonymous co-worker

“I read the book yesterday and want to give some feedback (basically:  Brilliant!)….Delicious to read.”

S. D. Williams

(an alternative female perspective!)

“The puerile meanderings of a disturbed mind.”

C. Manson

“Kremlin Ants (It’s a short march to Washington) – just where or how do you come up with these descriptions?  I know our political landscape provides enough material but your analysis and description is beyond anything else out there – and I truly enjoy it.

Your High Political Heresy #1 & #2 is without doubt a masterpiece.”

D. D’Auria

“I was about to begin reading but saw the various warnings and wisely fled.”

A. Libby Coworker

“I haven’t read it.”

J. Conyers

“I was absolutely fascinated with Heresy #1 and would most definitely love to get Heresy #2.  Your insight into these subjects is nothing short of brilliant.”

M. Abramson

“Interesting and thoughtful, but hard to read.”

I. Kant

“I stopped at the ‘Dedication’.”

I. B. Treehugger (author’s relative)

“The War is Lost”

H. Reid

“A masterpiece, or a piece of mental masturbation? Or both?”

anonymous commentator

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